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Plan Management

We focus on 3 Key Areas of Plan Management: Investments, Fiduciary Risk, and Education, cycling through a four-point process. The process is cyclical, returning to the beginning of the chain whenever there is a change in plan design, company ownership, a regulatory update or any other significant event. 

After each change, we must evaluate how the plan is affected, elect and document any changes, and monitor the results. Our role is to keep your plan running smoothly as your company’s circumstances change and your work evolves.

Client Centered


Evaluate: What do regulations require regarding investment menu diversification? How do the markets look compared to investment option performance?

Elect: Solidify investment selection and analysis.

Document: Decisions documented in a written Investment Policy Statement that will be revisited in future meetings.

Monitor: performance, management, fees, suitability, and diversification on an ongoing basis.

Fiduciary Risk

Evaluate: What risks do we need to be aware of in the plan? Is the plan meeting its objective? How is the plan behaving?

Elect: Plan features, plan design, and services need to be selected.

Document: All risk management activities should be documented and maintained in the plan’s fiduciary audit file.

Monitor: risk on an ongoing basis through checkups and reviews.


Evaluate: What requirements are necessary for an effective employee communication and education? How can we increase satisfaction with the plan?

Elect: Educational activities that boost enrollment or participation.

Document: Activities completed and communication initiatives. Coordinate and conduct on a regular basis.

Monitor: results of the education plan and amend as necessary.